International brass band festival and closure of Pivo in cvetje 2016 Festival

Municipal courtyard

Sunday, 17 July 2016, at 6 p.m.

This year, the final event will again be the Brass band festival on Sunday at noon. Besides the local brass band from Laško, it will also feature local majorettes, the Croatian brads band KGD Mosor, brass band Pemogovnik Velenje, brass band Godba Cerknica, the local brass band Vaška godba Vrh nad Laškim, and majorettes from Novo mesto – Mažoretni klub TAKT Novo mesto.

All musicians and majorettes will first present themselves on the traditional parade of the PIVO IN CVETJE festival, than they will continue with their programme on the municipal courtyard.

We prepared a lively programme. This year’s brass band festival will again include the traditional BRASS BAND GAMES WITHOUT FRONTIERS! Musicians and majorettes will again compete in the beer drinking competition, while we will conclude the event by hammering the beer tap into the last beer keg.

There will be no lack of fun, beer and good music, so join us and create an unforgettable atmosphere together with our brass bands and majorettes at the final event of the PIVO IN CVETJE festival!