Street hustle with Laško brass band

Streets of Laško

Thursday 14 July, Friday 15 July, and Saturday 16 July; at 7:30 p.m.

If you ever came to the PIVO IN CVETJE festival, you know that it cannot start or end without the everyday hustle of the Laško brass band, majorettes and the drum squad!

This year, we also offer a lively hustle on the streets of Laško that will stimulate all your senses. Great music and march rhythms performed by the brass band and the drum squad will fill your ears with pleasure, and breath-taking majorettes with their dance moves will add the cherry on top of the beer foam!

Every evening of the festival, we will present our street hustle. Welcome to listen to our music and see our parade. On Sunday, we will conclude our hustle with the INTERNATIONAL BRASS BAND FESTIVAL!