Spopad harmonik – Miha Debevec and Tomaž Rožanec

Stage Club

Virtuosic accordion players Miha Debevec and Tomaž Rožanec are performing together for almost a decade; they are also known under the name »Spopad harmonik« (Clash of Accordions).

One plays the diatonic accordion and the other the classical accordion. Together they eradicate the stereotype that in Slovenia accordions can only be played in folk music.

Miha Debevec is a two-time absolute winner of the most prestigious competition in the world in playing the diatonic accordion and also the winner of many other awards, both local and international. Tomaž Rožanec graduated at the world-known German Franz Liszt University of Music and he learned from world famous music teachers and concertmasters.

With their accordions, they perform different music styles and their repertoire includes covers of Metallica, Piazzolla, Brahms, ethno music, Abba and Avsenik. They also recorded three albums: Spopad harmonik, Izrazi harmonik and this year’s Dež in sonce.

At the Laško Pivo in cvetje festival, they will perform on the Club stage three days in a row. The sound of accordions will connect different performers into a colourful collage of genres and sounds from the whole world.