Laško horticultural society

The streets of Laško

From Thursday until Sunday

The Horticultural Society Laško (Hortikulturno društvo Laško) every year takes care of the “flowers” part of the beer and flowers festival (Pivo in cvetje).


This year, we prepared a horticultural exhibition with the title STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS (O(B)STANITE V CVETJU!) that visitors will be able to view on two locations. The first one that will include larger and smaller arrangements will be placed in the sunny part of the park between the Hotel Zdravilišče Laško (Thermana Laško) and the Cultural Centre Laško. The second one will be in the bright entrance lobby of the Cultural Centre Laško and it will include arrangements of fresh cut flowers and dry flowers. Both exhibition points will be suitable marked, illuminated and available to visitors that will want to view the exhibition.

We also invited several guest exhibitors and we will be happy if we receive your feedback. We are very glad that local florists responded to our invitation, because they are also part of our city and its everyday activities.



For the Laško Pivo in cvetje festival, we planted 1223 seedlings that will be distributed around the city in different pots. In the selection of flowers, we tried to follow current trends, but we also had to consider the temperatures and other conditions during the festival. We had to choose flowers that bloom in this time of the year and that withstand high temperatures, just like in the previous years.

Like every year, visitors arriving by train will be welcomed by a special flower arrangement at the Laško train station, including a specially decorated oldtimer locomotive. Traditionally, flowers will be arranged in the traffic roundabout at the main bus station, on the lawn at the Spar shop and at the weather house.

Our members will, as many years before, also decorate the whole Ethno Village (ethno programme), the traditional Wedding event, the Laško Museum, the entrance of the Cultural Centre and Pivovarna Laško.

Last year’s number of the 190th anniversary of the Brewery that hung from the bridge over Savinja and that was created by two of our female members will become a regular feature; only the number will change every year.

To add more flowers to stages, we also decided to decorate the Jubilejnik and the Club stage.

Besides the usual spots at the Laško Pivo in cvetje festival, this year we decided to add some special flower constructions in the traditional colours of our famous drink, of which hundreds of litres are drunk during the festival. These constructions will be set up on the bridge across the river Savinja.

If the weather conditions will be suitable and if the river will be appropriately high, we will also prepare swimming arrangements – boats full of flowers that will additionally spice up the festival. This year, the organisers promised that the boats will be suitably illuminated so they can also be seen at night when the festival is even livelier.


The Horticultural Society Laško is taking care of the flowers part of the beer & flowers festival since 1964. Hard-working members every year voluntarily decorate and prepare arrangements, provide transportation and fitting of flowers.

The role of the society changed throughout the years. At the beginning, the society was based solely on the voluntary hard-working hands of members and their own donated flowers, which were attentively grown by the members of the society solely for the purpose of decorating the city and the traditional parade on Sunday.

Today, the role of the society has adapted to the much faster way of life that allows less free time for voluntary work, which is why the initial planting is done by professionals. But the arrangements, set-ups, transportation and fixtures are still done by the members of the horticultural society.

Hortikulturno društvo skozi leta