Traditional wedding of Laško – the 48th wedding couple is chosen!

Courtyard in front of the municipal building

Sunday, 17 July, from 10 a.m.

The Laško Pivo in Cvetje festival is an ideal environment for weddings, which will also be the case this year. We will be marrying the 48th wedding couple in our traditional wedding. The traditional wedding of Laško is one of three such events in Slovenia. The society Možnar every year publishes a call for proposals and selects a wedding couple based on previously defined criteria.

This year’s traditional wedding couple are Saša Žvegler and Ivan Benkič, both from Mala Breza. In their application letter, they wrote: “The traditional wedding would be a new and wonderful experience in our lives. We have been following this wedding for years. Because we are very fond of old customs and we like to learn new things, we decided to apply and to seal our love“.

Both are active members of the shooting society Celjska četa Mala Breza. They already have a family – they have two children: Nik (8 years) and Tim (4). Saša is 29 years old and is a health care technician employed at Center za varstvo in delo Golovec; and Ivan is 31 years old and is a bricklayer employed at the company Monting SK.

They are familiar with the traditional wedding and they have seen it many times – this year, they will be playing the main roles. Their parents were delighted with the news and their friends were very happy, some even surprised. They say that they can hardly wait!

The preparations at the society Možnar are also well under way. This year’s traditional wedding will again be performed by the members of the society Kulturno društvo Anton Tanc Marija Gradec and the society Kulturno umetniško društvo Šentrupert. Because the groom and the bride are both active in the shooting society, their members will also gladly cooperate at the event.