Leni Kravac

Club, 21:10

Leni Kravac was formed four years ago as a three-member group without singers as a DJ project of the producer Matija Jašarov. Through the years they got four more members, and now the band has seven: Tamara Goričanec (vocals), Gašper Selko (trumpet), Matija Jašarov (bass), Gregor Volk (guitar), Milan Jerkić (vocals), Jaka Birsa (saxophone), and Gregor Koderman (drums).

The band knows how to throw a great party by creating an unusual musical mixture of rock, drum’n’bass, jazz and funk, with a Balkan sound.

This Balkan sound can also be heard in their last music video for the song Daj još jedno. They plan to have another concert series at home and abroad, and to promote their debut album Balconized that came out in the fall last year.

Leni Kravac - Balconized