Zlatorog, 19:00

It is tradition that our festival is opened by a local group and this year, it will be Tabu, one of the most popular Slovenian bands. Since their beginnings in 1998, they recorded five albums, and their new album Nabiralka zvezd was released in April this year. Tabu members are now three members of the original band Primož Štorman (drums), Tomaž Trop (guitar) and Iztok Melanšek (bass guitar), Aleš Beriša (keyboards), and Eva Beus (vocals) who replaced Tina Marinšek last year.

Throughout the years, Tabu had many hits and in 2011 their song Poljubljena was the most frequently played song on Slovenian radios. This year, they continue with two new hits Greva dol and Do kosti. Their performance at the festival in Laško will thus be a combination of their old hits and the new album Nabiralka zvezd, performed by experienced musician and refreshed with Eva’s youthful energy.

Tabu @ Laško Pivo in cvetje