Pliš 5

Club, 19:00

Pliš are Aleksandra Ilijevski (vocals) and Marko Gregorič (guitar, bass), and they like good music from different genres, which is why, besides creating their own songs, they also like to cover others.

It really is a treat to go to their YouTube channel and listen to Aleksandra’s soft voice in all kinds of covers, and you can also find her under other names like Alekfandra Ilijevffky. Last year, the band released their first album Plošča za dve osebi that with its lyric content travels in the world of jazz under a Brazilian shadow, while carrying an intimate musical expression.

On stage, they will be accompanied by Murat (beatbox), Tomaž Gajšt (trumpet) and Jurij Zrnec (vocals, beatbox), who were first considered as guests but later became full members of the band, which is way the band was renamed to PLIŠ 5. For all fans of good music and passionate humour!

PLIŠ in Jurij Zrnec - Besede besede - SiTi za dobro musko