Jubilejnik, 22:45

Zlatan Stipišić – Gibonni, one of the most successful Croatian singers and songwriters, combines pop and rock with elements of the Dalmatian ethno, which he took after his father Ljubo Stipišić who was also a well-known composer. Since the beginning of the nineties, Gibonni’s albums received thirty Porins, which is the highest Croatian music award.

At the Jubilejnik stage, he will present yet another great project – his new album Familija where we can hear another legendary singer Oliver Dragojević. Although we will definitely hear many of his old hits, the fresh album brings nine new songs written in the last two years on the island Korčula and in Split, including the hit single Onako, od oka.

Gibonni is also famous for cooperating with different musicians and we can surely expect a surprise from him.

Gibboni @ Laško Pivo in cvetje 2016
Gibonni - Onako, od oka
Gibonni - Libar (LIVE)