Zlatorog, 19:00

After twenty-three years, seven albums and hits like Smijem se, Koliko suza za malo sna, Bye bye baby bye, Tamo gdje je sve po mom, Ljeto, Na čemu si ti, Avantura počinje, and Da smo se voljeli manje, Jinx still shine with the same glow and besides their old fans they always attract new followers.

The band Jinx stopped performing nine years after starting their career in 1993, but they changed their mind in 2007 and returned with their winning album Na zapadu. The core of the band is still the guitar player Gordan Muratović, also known as Coco Mosquito, and the singer Jadranka Bastajić Ivaniš – Yaya.

If we are lucky, besides their old hits, we will also hear a few new songs, because last year Jinx started to create a new album. It is still not clear when it will come out, but it will definitely be this year and “only after we are certain that we cannot do anything better,” said Coco. And they never disappoint us!

Jinx - Da Smo Se Voljeli Manje (Spot)
JINX - Čuvaj me, ne daj me (official video HD)