Igor in Zlati zvoki

Jubilejnik, 19:00

The leader of the band Igor Podpečan, also the head of the publishing house and recording studio Zlati zvoki in Izlake, used to play baritone and bass in the ensemble of the brothers Avsenik. After the ensemble stopped playing in 1992, he took up the accordion and established the band Igor in Zlati zvoki, which first started as a studio band.

The band that since then became one of the most famous and successful Slovenian folk ensembles recorded several albums in Slovenian and also some in German. One of their bigger successes was winning the award for the best Slovenian waltz in 1998 for the song Zlatolaska, and 3 appearances on the German TV show »Musikantenstadl« with the renowned Karl Moik.

The other members of the band are Brane Jahn, Jelka Hafner, Mike Orešar, Matej Kozel, and Martin Frece. With the remake of the Avsenik song Tam kjer murke cveto, they announced a new album that will take us back to the old times of Slovenian folk music, without the modern influence and technique.

At the beginning of the Friday night, they will perform together with the legendary vocal group Fantje s Praprotna.

Igor in Zlati zvoki @ Laško Pivo in cvetje