Mando Diao

Zlatorog, 22:30

Besides in their hometown Borlänge, Sweden, the band Mando Diao has its biggest fan base in the German-speaking part of Europe and in Japan. After first being in the band Butler, the singer and guitar player Björn Dixgård and the keyboards player Daniel Haglund started the band in 1999, and since then, different members came and went.

The band’s sound is based on polyphonic singing of the English pop bands from the sixties and the seventies, like the Beatles, Kinks, and Small Faces. Their biggest success at home was in 2012 with the album Infruset that also brought them the Swedish Grammy.

Their latest album Ælita with the hit song Black Saturday was released two years ago, and it also features the song Love Lasts Forever that was chosen as the official hymn of the World Ski Championship in Falun in 2015. Mando Diao recorded seven albums, and we all know them by their world-wide hit Dance with Somebody.

Mando Diao - Dance With Somebody