Zlatorog, 00:50

If you missed them at the last year’s festival and if you were not able to catch the documentary KDO=MI2 about the band Mi2 that started in 1995 as a duo (that is why they call themselves Mi2, which in English means Us 2), you will surely enjoy their performance on the Zlatorog stage. After more than two decades, their performance will feature the best of what the band has created in their seven studio albums.

Mi2 are known by their many hits like Črtica, Teta Estera, Samo tebe te imam, Zbudi me za prvi maj, Vstati in obstati, and the latest single Čista jeba, also the cover song of their very successful last album. Their concerts are very communicative and they also published two collections of poems (Mi2 pišema poezije, Mi2 Pesmarica) and a biography. But their most noticeable release on the Slovenian rock scene was their triple live album Decibeli from 2012 with recordings from their concert in Cvetličarna, their performance in Studio 14 of Radio Slovenia and their acoustic performance at the show Izštekani.
Čista jeba (received the Zlata piščal 2014 music award for the best song, the band also received the best artist award) was the best-selling album in Slovenia two years ago, which is surely a great motivation for future work of the band Mi2.

Skupina Mi2 @ Laško Pivo in cvetje 2016
Mi2 - Štajersko nebo
Mi2 - Sladka kot med