Vlatko Stefanovski Trio

Club, 00:20

The last musical works of the world-renowned Macedonian guitar player Vlatko Stefanovski include movie, theatre and ballet music. He is famous for his incredible guitar playing technique and a rich sound that is both innovative and simple.

Vlatko was born in Prilep, Macedonia, and started to play guitar when he was 13. Very soon he established the band Leb i sol, one of the biggest bands on the Yugoslavian music scene. Leb i sol, with its original mixture of traditional Macedonian rhythms and rock, released eleven independent albums, and Vlatko continued his outstanding career with fifteen solo albums. His latest album Seir was released two years ago and was referred to by Vlatko as “Balkan Buddhism”.

He lives with his family in Skopje where he also has a very well equipped recording studio called Esoteria Sound Studio. Vlatko is constantly in touch with numerous musicians all around the world. Last year, we could also see him perform together with another world-renowned guitar player Jan Akkerman at his concert in Ljubljana. On the Club stage, he will be accompanied by Djoko Maksimovski (bass) and Dejan Milosavljević (drums).

Vlatko Stefanovski - Seir