Club, 19:00

The band came from a solo project of the lead singer Aleksander Raztresen who needed a band for performing live. Jardier is now a band of five members: Alex (vocals, guitar), Jure Pohleven (guitar, keyboard), Borut Perše (guitar), Dejan Slak (bass) and Andrej Zavašnik (drums).

In cooperation with the producer Zmago Šmon-Zed, they also recorded their studio debut called Seasons that was released in October last year. It was introduced when they were the supporting act for Dan D at their concert in Kino Šiška. They previously also had many positive reactions both from the audience and from critics for their songs Pieces, Sailor and Core that were played on the radio.

With their characteristic sound and Alex’s special voice, according to local media, Jardier can be easily compared to other contemporary indie rock bands worldwide.

Jardier - Pieces (Official Video)