Manca Špik

Jubilejnik, 22:25

She started her career in 2003 after winning the competition Prvi glas Gorenjske, while studying Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian and Macedonian languages and literature at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, and she continued as a backing vocalist.

Her first independent performance was at the festival Melodije morja in sonca in 2005, where, two years later, she won with the song Baila, baila, baila. She also performed at the shows Slovenska popevka and EMA, and she made it twice to the Eurovision song contest as a backing vocalist. She also writes songs and her debut album Iz prve roke came out four years ago.

This year, her career go interrupted by the birth of her daughter Lana, but Manca is already starting to miss the stage and one of her first re-appearances will be in Laško.

Manca Špik - IZ PRVE ROKE (Official Video)