Kulturni center, 18:00

Oktet9 is a male vocal band of the middle school Gimnazija Celje – Center, in which ex-students are singing for the tenth consecutive year under the leadership of Professor Gregor Deleja and within the GCC society. Until today, Oktet9 performed over 600 times on shows and concerts around Slovenia, and they also had fifteen successful international tours. This year, they plan additional four tours: they are going to Poland, Serbia, Austria, and in the fall also to China.

In May last year, they released their album Svoboda!? with seventeen patriotic and wartime songs from the times of peasant uprisings to World War II. They are famous for their diverse repertoire that includes Slovenian folk music, local and foreign artistic music and pop music from different periods of time.

Members of Oktetu9 are David Zupanc, Miha Žgank, Jan Šilec, Mihael Strniša (tenor), Mato Žgajner, Leon Ašenberger, Marko Petriček, Miha Hliš, and Gregor Deleja (bass).

Oktet 9 (Slovenski pozdrav, 19.12.)