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Knap’n’roll – this is the Orlek blend of rock’n’roll with elements of folk, ethno, and polka, characterised by a classical rock base, a wind section and an accordion. The band Orlek, named after a nearby hill, comes from Zagorje ob Savi, the heart of a mining area. The have socially satirical texts that describe the bitter life in a mining area.

Besides on local stages, the band also performed abroad at different folk festivals like WOM, Tanz & Folk Fest in Rudolstadt (Germany), Folk Fiesta (Poland), Musikfest in Bethlehem (USA), Arts Festival Lahore (Pakistan), Folkherbst in Plauen (Germany), Fringe Festival (Australia), Chaoyang Spring Carnival in Beijing (China), and other festivals in Hungary, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Russia; and in 2012, they also had a tour for the Slovenian emigrants in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

At their twentieth anniversary in 2009, they published their biography and a documentary. Their latest album Repete with new versions of their old songs in the new song Življenje gre naprej is four years old now. At their 25th anniversary, they received the highest award for cultural achievements of the municipality of Zagorje – the Dr Slavko Grum award.

Their stage show this year is called Orlek Unterzug and it will light up the stage right after the fireworks!

Orlek - Fešta (Official video)
Orlek - Sončen dan (Poprock festival)