Šank Rock

Zlatorog, 00:35

Šank Rock is one of the most famous Slovenian rock bands. Throughout the years, many members of the band changed and twice the band also stopped performing. They reunited at the Pivo in cvetje festival two years ago after the festival’s music director Urban Centa introduced them to guitar player Steve Stevens. After their planned exclusive performance at the festival, they decided to keep on playing, because the great reaction of the fans gave them additional motivation.

The band with the members Matjaž Jelen (vocals), Bor Zuljan (guitar), Cveto Polak (bass guitar), Roman Ratej (drums), and Sašo Gačnik (keyboards), has proven with a series of concerts during the last two years that they meant seriously. “To our older fans, we are nostalgic because we remind them of their youth; and to the younger ones, we are interesting because we play different music than today’s rockers,” they say.

During the years 1982 to 2011, the band recorded fourteen studio albums and had many unforgettable hits like Pravljica o mavričnih ljudeh, Metulj, Jaz nimam noč za spanje, Hitro drugam, Ker te ljubim, Vzemi ali pusti, Delam, kar paše mi, Dej se mal nasmej, and the latest hit Restart. The last one is, together with three new songs – Ni sreče brez R’n’R’, Vse bo dobro, and Ljubezen, resnica, življenje – and six of their biggest hits, also included on their last album Restart.

Šank Rock - Restart
Šank Rock - Pravljica o mavričnih ljudeh (Pivo in Cvetje 2014)