Leteči potepuhi

Zlatorog, 19:00

Every Slovenian knows the song Bicikl, the legendary hit by the band Leteči potepuhi from their debut album Zguba časa in denarja that was released over two decades ago. Since 2008, all members of the band, except the singer Klemen Tičar, also performed in the band Mestni postopači that was created by the singer, author and guitar player Dejan Došlo.

Mestni postopači were some sort of a continuation and further development of Leteči potepuhi. The band also accompanied the Slovenian singer-songwriter Adi Smolar. Klemen again joined the band Leteči potepuhi last year. They rehearsed their old songs and added ten new songs that will appear on their new album that will be released this year.

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