Ansambel Franca Miheliča

Jubilejnik, 20:30

Last year, Ansambel Franca Miheliča, who in Slovenian folk music filled the gap between Avsenik and Slak, celebrated their 45-year anniversary. This is one of the better known folk ensembles not only in Slovenia but also abroad.

The leader and founder of the ensemble Franc Mihelič is famous by alternately playing 7 different accordions. He plays the diatonic accordion with five fingers and they even made an accordion especially for him with lower tones and an additional button, which enables him to play four majors on a three-row accordion.

At their last year’s anniversary, they released the new album Glasba je moj čarobni svet, accompanied by a book with the same title that was written by Ivan Sivec and that features stories told by Franc Mihelič and over 250 photographs, many lyrics, the whole discography, lists of songs and other precious memories of the ensemble.

The members of the present Ansambel Franca Miheliča ensemble are also his wife Bernarda, son Tadej and Milan Kokalj, and since 2005 they also cooperate with the singer Ivan Hudnik.

Ansambel Franca Miheliča - Slovenski venček
Ansambel Franca Miheliča-Oh, te ženske