Jay Wud

Zlatorog, 20:40

The four-member band is named after its front man, guitar player, composer and singer from Lebanon, who lives in Dubai and recently completed his soon to be released album in Los Angeles with multi award-winning producer Howard Benson. Jay was a guitar player in several bands across the region, before forming his own and releasing his first album New Blood in 2010, followed by False Utopia two years later.

The group is one of the biggest musical attractions of the Middle East and is truly multinational, including a Serbian rhythm guitar player and singer Bojan Preradović, Latvian bass player Eriks Dilevs, and American drummer Joe Rickard.

Because of their special mixture of metal, indie, alternative and hard rock, Jay Wud have gained international acclaim and supported the likes of Guns’n’Roses, Skunk Anansie, Robert Plant, and Aerosmith. At the end of last year, they opened the concert of the final tour of Mötley Crüe at a stadium in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.


Jay Wud - Incomplete Heart (Official Video)
Jay Wud - Low (Official Video)